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Your social media and style companion

Ever tried taking a photo and then feeling dissatisfied over the quality and how you look in it? Designed for beginners and avid social media users, the new Canon EC812 mirrorless camera delivers stunning image quality and comes with handy editing tools that can double as your lighting specialist or make-up artist. With the EC812, you can shoot so effortlessly, it’s like having a crew in your camera.



It’s like having a crew in your camera
*Camera colour and face jacket design availability vary by country and region. Face jackets are sold separately.

Capture with ease, flaunt it with style. Stepping up from smartphone to camera photography is easy with the Canon EC812. Besides simple controls, high image quality and social-media-friendly tools, this mirrorless camera weighs as light as a 250ml bottle of water with trendy face jacket styling options to boot for your #OOTD


Like the keen eyes of a skilled director, capture photos and videos of your running pets or your favourite star on stage clearly with the EC812 that is equipped Dual Pixel CMOS AF1.

Found also in higher-end camera models, this powerful autofocusing technology lets you attain fast and accurate autofocusing (AF) across a wide AF area (88% horizontally and 100% vertically)2 for sharp photos.

1Switches to Contrast AF when recording 4K videos. 2Only applies to compatible lens

High Quality Images


Change the ambience of your shot in real-time, or edit your photos during playback while on the go by adjusting lighting, colour, background blur and more.

Creative Tools


A 180° tilt screen lets you take selfies with ease by simply flipping the screen up. What’s more, the touchscreen display makes navigating through the camera’s various settings even easier.




Excellent Movie Shooting Functionality

Whether it’s videos of your travels, a performance or family gathering, you can record and relive those moments in stunning 4K resolution (24p/25p) or Full HD.

With the EC812, you can also record vertical videos and playback in full screen within the camera. Vertical videos can be set to play in their correct orientation when exported to your smart device or computer, removing the need for additional software to rotate your videos. Definitely a breeze for uploading vertical vlogs to social media!

Like a particular scene in your 4K video? Use 4K Frame Grab to extract the scene from your video as a high resolution still image. You can also further impress your audience with time-lapse and slow motion videos.


Automatically backup your photos on your computer and cloud via Image Transfer Utility 2. Simply pair your camera and computer to get started!